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Choose the subject from menu (above) or click the proper picture. Instructions and schematics for earlier versions of our products are available in the  Archives - only in Polish !

MENU - please scroll down. We are nominated to one of most innovative small enterprices in Poland !

We were involved in few EC projects, Framework Programme 6 and 7 :.
EC projects
Three project were succesfully finished :

Novel method of air dehumidification.

NOFIRE : Nofire
High speed fire stopping door for the industry..

oraz BOVINOSE : Bovinose
Pheromone-based sensor system for detecting estrus in dairy cows

This year we will start next two projects : TriSOFC and HERB, coordinated by University of Nottingham. The budget of both projects is really big, more than 5 mln Euros.

ATTENTION - new address of our production plant : ul. Cedrowa 96, 40-162 Katowice.

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